How to Attract Love

First, the 3 things that you must do…. 1) Are you treating yourself with Love? Doing nice things for you? Supporting yourself in all ways; emotionally, and physically, which means … Continue Reading

Full Moon Water Recipe

To make full moon water, you will need: Filtered water, or rain water A glass bottle or bowl Non-Water Soluble Crystals (Optional, and not during a Moon of Completion)   … Continue Reading

Full Moon Calendar for 2017

Sept. 6th Moon of Completion Oct. 5th Harvest Moon Nov. 4th Beaver Moon Dec. 3rd Cold Moon    How to identify and use the energy of the Full Moon for … Continue Reading

Now Offering Intuitive Coaching!

If you are ready to commit to what you want, and need help, then you are the perfect candidate for my Intuitive Coaching program!  This program is the one that … Continue Reading

White Butterfly Spirit Animal

The Butterfly offers messages of transformation and metamorphosis, pertaining to the soul, stages of growth; the personality, stages of development; self-esteem, stages of healing; and other “life cycles”. These represent … Continue Reading

Symbolic Meanings in Dreams

Houses Houses represent how we view ourselves; our identity as we see it.  And any dwelling that we “house” ourselves in, a trailer, or other, is included.  So, you may … Continue Reading